Visit exhibitions and events

Every year, we transport hundreds of business professionals to keynote conferences and exhibitions around the world. We’ll take care of you! is our simple but effective philosophy. 

As an enterprising offshore energy company, you’re probably looking for cost-effective ways to expand both your network and your order book. An ideal solution is to attend one of our regular local or international business events.

Our events give you the chance to:

  • Meet many potential new customers, partners, and suppliers,
  • Promote your products and services to a wider, international audience,
  • Get the inside track on current developments and upcoming industry trends,
  • Identify new opportunities for collaboration or development.

Over the past twenty years, Brandmarion has built an extensive network of business contacts and services providers. Each of them trusts us to consistently deliver a first class service – and yet we still manage to surpass their expectations!

Our events are carefully designed and coordinated to deliver an efficient, hassle-free, and successful experience. We take care of everything you need, including travel, accommodation, catering, entertainment, and up-to-the-minute information services. There’s no need to worry about bookings and registrations, or transfers to and from venues – we have it all covered!

By taking care of the organisation and management, we let you focus on enjoying the event, finding new contacts, and exploring new business opportunities. It’s not uncommon for networking to begin as soon as delegates arrive at our check-in desk, and to continue throughout the event. Why? Because we do everything we can to guarantee a pleasant, relaxed, and informal atmosphere at all times.   

For many years, we’ve been safely transporting business professionals to conferences, exhibitions, and other events around the world. Over that time, we’ve learned the importance of taking care of every client, and every detail. Perhaps that’s why many people and companies repeatedly entrust their networking support to Brandmarion.

We also plan and deliver specialist industry events and networking opportunities for our extensive network of clients and contacts, helping themto promote and facilitate cross-industry collaboration and development.

If you are interested in attending any of the following forthcoming events, please email

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