Business Community

The OBC provides business leaders and offshore industry experts with unique opportunities to expand their business network, collaborate, and benefit from exclusive online tools. 

The Offshore Business Club is an exclusive club of industry professionals giving them the opportunity of networking and socialising outside normal business relationships. There is more than enough room in the offshore industry for leading players to be both competitive and collegial. As front runners in our field, we know the value of innovation and forward thinking.

The Offshore Business Club is an exclusive group of industry professionals who understand that good business means being collegial, as well as competitive. 

Established by Brandmarion in 2013, the club has provided a forum and collaborative opportunities for increasing numbers of market leaders and specialists from every level of energy development and production; the marine, maritime, construction, engineering and subsea industries; and financial, safety, recruitment, training, and media specialisms. 

Through our OBC website, online collaboration tools, exclusive club benefits with third party service suppliers, and a programme of networking and entertainment events, we promote the collaboration, learning and communication, essential to improved business performance. 

Club meetings and leisure events are held several times a year at different locations. Check out the Events section of the OBC website to find out more, and if you’re interested in becoming a member, please fill in the form and we will contact you shortly.